Oy. The last lesson was brutal with technique. That’s all we did for an hour and a half. Nailing the cha cha twinkles that I was SO excited about and working on my rumba rhythm for the shift of weight and movement of the hips. After the lesson, my feet were KILLING me. The last half of the lesson, Summer taught me. She had me place cards under my toes to work on pushing from the inside. The indentation from my straps was serious. I left the lesson feeling incredibly frustrated and discouraged.

Going into today, I felt the defeat still. We’re so close to the showcase. And I had forgotten the ending to the choreography! Ryan and I ran through the number quite a bit and right now, I’m surviving the dance. With more practice at home, I’ll be okay and gain more confidence. But, my arms are looking good with their flair 😉 haha. I’m starting to feel like I’m dancing the dance now. So. Soon. Next lesson, I get to pick out a costume, hopefully 🙂

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