Just completed my Dance Showcase of the American Tango in Bozeman. After having 12 weeks to prepare, I finally had the opportunity to show my friends, family, and the audience what I had learned. I definitely felt the nerves more than I thought I would coming into the showcase. I’ve preformed in front of a thousand plus people before with MMA, but performing something so foreign to me before in front of a crowd was even more nerve wrenching!

Once I got out on the floor I had the mind set that I new the steps and I’d gone through them enough to put fourth a confident display. I had a moment in the dance where I thought I had forgotten a step and so I almost froze! Luckily I had practiced enough to where I was able to complete the steps and resume the dance on rhythm. I was very happy with the training that Ryan and Summer delivered for me because it got me to the end without any major hiccups. I felt I did them proud and i made myself proud for stepping out of my comfort zone and completing a task that began to seem more daunting as the showcase date came closer.

I know that I did my best and that’s all I could ask for. Trying something new and challenging should always be something people strive to achieve. This for me was a whole new world and a challenge that taught me a lot about myself. I feel as though the training they gave me helped me become a better man all around. I feel as though I walk more confidently through day to day life and that it has given me another stepping stones to more challenges in the dancing world. I hope to continue my progress and never stop trying to achieve things that are difficult and new to me!

Huge thank you to everyone who came out to support me, everyone responsible for putting the showcase together, and especially to Ryan and Summer for believing in me and giving me the knowledge and the opportunity to show that I can step out of my comfort zone and achieve success!

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