Weeks 6-8

I’ve been cleaning up my routine and fine tuning it for the showcase to come! starting to feel the nerves as I have never danced in front of a crowd before. I’m excited to show the diversity I keep in my life to all my friends and loved ones. I want them to know that whether it’s fighting or dancing, I’m always trying to do something that puts me out of my comfort zone and pushes my limits! This challenge for Big Sky Ballroom has definitely been a hard task and I will always and forever look at dancers to be a very special breed of people. The amount of time, focus, and energy it takes to be even decent at dancing is remarkable. It adds discipline, rhythm, and skill to your personality.

I’ve said it before that dancing will change your life for the better. Whether it’s giving you the confidence to ask that special girl you see for a dance, or if it’s improving the way you carry yourself as you walk down the street. Dancing will assuredly add to your life for the better and I believe it’s a must for everyone who seeks improvement in their lives.

I will be stepping onto the floor May 12th to showcase what I have learned in just a few weeks. Practice, prctice, practice until then! Can’t wait to see everyone there!

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